Hereditary Order of the Signers of the Bush Declaration of March 22, 1775

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The Signers

The following is the language of the Bush Declaration dated March 22, 1775. Quoted from C. Milton Wright's OUR HARFORD HERITAGE on page 355:

"We the Committee of Harford County, having most seriously and maturely considered the Resolves and Association of the Continental Congress, and the Resolves of the Provincial Convention, do most heartily approve of the same, and as we esteem ourselves in a more particular manner, intrusted by our constituents to see them carried into execution, we do most solemnly pledge ourselves to each other, and to our Country, and engage ourselves by every tie held sacred among mankind to perform the same at the risque of our lives and fortunes."

The following explanation by the Genealogist General, Henry C. Peden, Jr. of the Bush Declaration.

The Bush Declaration is a document signed by 34 duly elected citizens in Harford County, Maryland on March 22, 1775. At that time the county seat was Harford Town, or Bush (so named for its location in the "bush country" as compared to most colonial towns on the waterfront, that is, Chesapeake Bay). Harford County had been separated from Baltimore County just a year earlier and in the interim there was considerable patriotic fervor against the British and their blockade of Boston (and other problems, like taxation). This committee in Harford County decided to show their support for Boston and their disdain for King George by signing this document "at the risque of their lives and fortunes." It has been characterized as the first Declaration of Independence and was signed just three weeks prior to the Battles of Lexington and Concord which signaled the beginning of the American Revolution.

Charles Anderson [b.1734 - d.1824, Green Co., PA] Charles’s (the Signer) parents were Charles Anderson & Grace Preston. Charles married Mary Mitchell. Their children were: Daniel (b. 1757, m. Rachel Worthington); Grace (b. 1758); Sarah (b. 1760); Charles (b. 1763, m. Margaret Eagon); Richard (b. 1765); James (b. 1767); William (b. 1769 - d. 1847) and Amos (b. 1772).  His siblings were: Daniel (m. 1st Sarah [---], m. 2nd Rachel Wearin), Sarah, and Margaret. Charles' (the Signer) grandparents were: ----Anderson and wife Margaret----, James Preston, Sr and wife Sarah Scott.  Margaret --- paternal grandmother of Charles Anderson, later married as her second husband Obadiah Pritchard and had the following children who are half aunts/uncles of Charles Anderson: Samuel (b. 1710, m. 1st Isabella Cotrell, 1735, m. 2nd Elizabeth [---]); Obadiah (b. 1711); James (b. 1713, m. Elizabeth Durbin, 1735); Obadiah (b. 1713, m. Elizabeth Litton, 1733); Sarah (b. 1715, m. Richard Deaver, 1735).

John Archer [b.5 May 1741 - d. 28 Sep 1810, "Medical Hall", nr. Churchville, Harford Co., MD. Buried at Churchville Presbyterian Church Cem., Churchville, Harford Co., MD] John's (the Signer) parents were Thomas Archer (b. 1720, North Ireland d. 1 Aug 1772, Harford Co., MD) and Elizabeth Stevenson. He married Catherine Harris [daughter of Thomas Harris and Mary McKinney] (d. 1815), daughter of Thomas Harris and Mary McKinney. Their children were Thomas (b.1768 d.1821, m. Elizabeth Paca Phillips), Mary (b. 1770 d. 1777), Stevenson (b. 1772 d. 1779), Elizabeth (b. 1774 d. 1775); Robert Harris (b. 1775 d. 1857, m. Mary Stump), John (b. 1777 d. 1830, m. Ann Stump), James (b. 1779 d. 1815, m. Margaret Ann Ross), George Washington (b. 1781 d. 1800), Stevenson (b. 1786 d. 1848, m. Pamelia Barney Hays). John's (the Signer) paternal grandparents were John Archer (b. c1680, Rathmelton, Ireland d. 1774, North Ireland) and Esther Irwin. His paternal aunts and uncles were Nathaniel (b. 1722 d. 1724), Esther (b. 1724 d. 1808, m. John Hays) and James (b. 1726 d. ?, m. Katherine Mortimer [Moved to NC]). His half paternal aunts and uncles via Esther Irwin's marriage to Moses Ruth were Ruthia (m. McCandless), Joan (m. Thomas Blair) and Sarah (m. William Kirkpatrick).

William Bradford, Sr. [b.1739 - d.1794] William's (the Signer) parents were William Bradford and Elizabeth Lightbody. His siblings were Joseph, John George, Susanna (m. John Norris), Mary and Martha (m. Joshua Amos). William Bradford (the Signer) married Sarah McComas in 1764 and had 11 children, one of whom was Samuel who married Jane Bond (their son Augustus W. Bradford was Governor of Maryland during the Civil War). William's (the Signer) grandparents were John Bradford and Mary Skinner.

Thomas Brice [b.1746] Thomas's (the Signer) parents were James Brice and Mary Johnson. His siblings were Samuel, Christain, James, William, Alexander, Barnet, Margaret, John and Mary. Thomas' (the Signer) grandparents were Samuel Brice and unknown and Thomas Johnson and Alice Bond.

Samuel Calwell [b. c1741 - d. 1799, Harford Co, MD] Samuel (the Signer) married Ann Richardson on 13 Nov 1764. Their children were Ann (m. Thomas Boyer); Sarah (m. William Askew/Asquith); Dorsey; Thomas (b.1765, d.12 Dec 1828, m. 1st Sarah Gallion and 2nd m. Nancy Kelso in Baltimore on 18 Mar 1813), James m. Polly Boyer (moved to Virginia, now Greenbrier Co., West Virginia) and William m. Mary Amoss (still living in Harford Co in 1800).  Samuel also had a sister Druzilla m. William Taggart (moved to Virginia, now Greenbrier Co., West Virginia).

Richard Dallam [b.1743 - d. 1805, Harford Co., MD] Richard's (the Signer) parents were William Dallam and Elizabeth Johnson. His siblings were Josias William and Elizabeth, a stepsister. His grandparents were Richard Dallam and Elizabeth Martin and Joseph Johnson and Ann Todd.

John Donahuy(or Donahey) John (the Signer) married Anne ---. He sold his land in 1779 and apparently left Harford Co, Maryland. No further record.

Greenberry Dorsey [b. 10 Mar 1728/29 - d. by 9 April 1798 Harford Co., MD] Greenberry's (the Signer) parents were Greenberry Dorsey (1710-1782) and Mary Belt (m.1726). He married 1st to Frances Frisby and 2nd to Sophia Clark (widow). His paternal uncle was John Hammond Dorsey (1718-1774) who married Frances Watkins in 1742. His paternal aunt was Comfort Dorsey. His paternal grandparents were John Dorsey and Comfort Stimpson (m.1702). Greenberry Dorsey (the Signer) mentioned 11 children in his will, but he did not give their names. One of his sons was John Dorsey. Frisby Dorsey and Edward Dorsey, probably his sons, were executors of Greenberry's will in 1798.

John Durham [b. 22 Feb 1737/8, Baltimore Co, MD - d. 1801, Harford Co, MD] John (the Signer) married Elizabeth Smithson, daughter of Thomas Smithson, Jr. and Mary Grafton, in 1759. His parents were Samuel Durham and Eleanor Smithson. His grandparents were John Durham and Jane ----, and Thomas Smithson and Ann Scott. His siblings were Samuel (m. Ann Smithson), John, Sarah (m. Thomas Thompson), James, Mordecai, Aquila, Joshua (m. Sarah Thompson), David (m. Sarah Smithson), Daniel, and Hannah. John's (the Signer) children were Cynthia (m. 1st Edward Thompson and 2nd William Hays), Elizabeth (m 1st. a Hughes and 2nd Richard Lawrence), Amelia (m. Thomas Nelson Binns), Susanna (m. Alexander Hillen or Hellen), Cassandra (m. Whitefield Hughes), and Celia.

William Fisher, Jr. [b.1740 - d.1835, Harford Co, MD] William's (the Signer) parents were William Fisher,Sr. and Sarah Deal. His siblings were James, Robert and Elizabeth (m.John Jolley) William's (the Signer) grandparents are unknown at this time.

Aquila Hall [b.1727, Baltimore Co, MD - d.1779, Harford Co, MD] Aquila's (the Signer) parents were Aquila Hall (b. 1699 d. 1728 of "Cranberry Hall" and Johanna Kemp (b. ? d. 1735), widow of James Phillips (b. ? d. 1720). He married Sophia White (b. ? d. 1780), daughter of Col. Thomas White and Sophia Hall. Their children were Thomas (b. 1750 d. 1804, m. Isabella Presbury), James White (b. 1754 d. 1808), Aquila (b. 1754 d. 1754), William (b. 1756 d. 1818), Charlotte (b. 1758 d. 1838, m. Nathaniel Ramsay), Mary (b. 1760 d. ?, m. Richard K. Heath), John (b. 1762 d. 1804 [Never Married]), Edward (b. 1763 d. ?), Sophia (b. 1765 d. ?, m.Philip Key), Martha (b. 1768 d. ?, m. John McHenry), Elizabeth (b. 1770 d. ?) and Benedict (b. 1771 d. ?). Aquila's (the Signer) siblings were John (b. 1722 d. 1768, m. Cornelia Holland), Aquila (b. 1724 d. 1724), Aquila (b. 1725 d. 1725), Martha (b. 1725 d. 1725). His grandparents were, paternal, John Hall (b. c1658 d. 1737) and Martha Beadle. His paternal aunt and uncles were John (b. 1701 d. 1774).

Aquila Hall, Jr. [b. c1750, Baltimore Co, MD - d.1815, Baltimore Co, MD] Aquila (the Signer) was the nephew, not the son, of Col. Aquila Hall (the Signer). His parents were John Hall and Cordelia Knight. His siblings were Susanna (m. James Heath), William (b.1749), Cordelia (b.1758, m. Edward Carvill Tolley), Sarah (b.1760 m. John Beedle Hall), Martha (b.1760, twin of Sarah), Parker (b.1765 m. Ann ). Children: Walter Tolley Hall, Charles G. Hall, William H. Hall, Robert L. Hall, Susan Hall (m. Henry Hale), Charlotte Hall and Maria Hall.

Josias Carvil Hall [b. 7 Jul 1746, Baltimore Co, MD - d. 1814, Harford Co, MD] Josias' (the Signer) parents were John Hall (b. 1701 d. 1774) and Hannah Johns (b. 1711 d. 1782) and his grandparents were John Hall (b. c1658 d. 1737) and Martha (Beedle) Gouldsmith. Josias' (the Signer) siblings were John Hall, Jr. (b. 1737 d. 1790), Josiah Hall (b. & d. 1739), Aquila Hall (b. 1742 d. 1743), Benedict Edward Hall (b. 1744 d. 1822), Martha Hall (b. 1735, m. John Rumsey), and Mary Hall (b. 1740, m. Benjamin Rumsey). Josias married Jane or Janet Smith (b. 1752 d. 1812, daughter of William Smith, [b. 1728 d. 1814), of Baltimore Town) by 1775. Their children were Benedict William Hall and Hannah Elizabeth Hall. Josias' (the Signer) first cousins were Aquila Hall (b. 1727 d. 1779,[a Signer]), Martha Hall (m. Walter Tolley), Blanche Hall (m. John Beale Howard), and Sophia Hall.

James Harris [d. 1777, Harford Co., MD] (unmarried). James' (the Signer) parents were Elizabeth (still living in 1777) and William (probably had died by 1777). His siblings were Jean (probably m. Samuel Fulton), Sarah, Dorothea and Susannah (m. Matthew McClintock).  His paternal grandparents were Robert Harris and Dorothy Wiley.  His paternal aunts and uncles: Thomas [b.1695, Ireland - d. 1801, m. Mary McKinney].

Francis Holland [b. 11 Aug 1745, Baltimore Co, MD - d. by 30 Jul 1775, Harford Co., MD] Francis' (the Signer) parents were Francis (d.1746) and Cordelia Holland. His sister was Frances Holland (m. Thomas Gassaway Howard). Francis married Hannah----circa 1770. His children were Francis Utie Holland (b. 1771, m. Syball West), John (b. 1773), Thomas and Robert (m. Eliza C. Bond).

Thomas Johnson [b.1726] Thomas's (the Signer) parents were Thomas Johnson, Sr. and Alice Bond. His siblings were William, Barnett, John and Mary. His grandparents were Robert Johnson and Hannah Lusby and William Bond and Mary Westbury.

Robert Lemmon [b. c1740, Ireland - d. 1817, Somerset Co., MD] Robert (the Signer) immigrated to Harford County, MD before 1775. He moved to Baltimore by 1776. Robert married Nancy Nelms (widow of John Nelms, of Somerset County, MD) by 1790. His children were Richard and Maria (m. Joseph King).

James Lytle [b. 1752 - d. 1809, Harford Co, MD] James' (the Signer) parents were Guy Lytle (aka Little) and Elizabeth Webster Ruff (widow of Daniel Ruff). His siblings were Ann Lytle (m. Wm. Osbourne), Nathan Lytle, George Lytle (m. Elizabeth McComas), Hannah Lytle and Jacob Lytle. James' (the Signer) grandparents were George Lytle ([aka Little] b. abt 1699 d. 1757), wife unknown and Michael Webster (b. 1684 d. 1754) and Elizabeth Giles.

James McComas [b.1735 - d. 1791, Harford Co., MD] James' (the Signer) parents were Daniel McComas and Martha Scott. His siblings were Elizabeth (m.Moses McComas),Wm. (m.Elizabeth Scott), John, Sarah (m.Wm. Bradford), Martha (m.Robert Amos), Daniel III, Mary, Hannah and Aquilla. His grandparents were Daniel McComas and Elizabeth (possibly later wife of Stephen Gill) and Daniel Scott, Jr and Elizabeth Whitaker.

Robert Morgan [b. 24 May 1755, Baltimore Co., MD - d. aft 13 May 1822] Robert's (the Signer) parents were Edward Morgan and Sarah Simmons. His siblings were Martha (m. William Prigg), Samuel, Elizabeth (m. ? Lyon), Edward, Mary, Sarah (m. ? Wiles), James and Abraham. His grandparents were ? Morgan and Abraham and Martha Simmons.

William Morgan [b. 14 Mar 1743/44, Baltimore Co., MD - d. Nov 1795, Deer Creek, Harford Co., MD] William's (the Signer) parents were Edward Morgan and Sarah Simmons. His siblings were Martha (m. William Prigg), Samuel, Elizabeth (m. ? Lyon), Edward, Mary, Sarah (m. ? Wiles), James and Abraham. His grandparents were ? Morgan and Abraham and Martha Simmons. He married Cassandra Lee. Their children were Elizabeth (m. Thomas Sheredine Bond), Sarah (m. Joseph Hopkins), Edward, Ellinor (m. John Hopkins), James Lee (m. Susanna Wheeler), Mary (m. Ephraim Hopkins), Cassandra ( m. Zacheus Onion Bond), Martha and Margaret.

Benjamin Bradford Norris [b.1745 - d. 1790] Benjamin's (the Signer) parents were John Norris and Susana Bradford.
Benjamin married Elizabeth Richardson. His siblings were John (b. 1747, m. Sarah Richardson), William (b. 1749, m. Martha Amos), Martha (b. 1750, m. Vincent Richardson), Susannah (b. 1753, m. George Taylor), Jacob (b. 1753, m. Avarilla Gallion), Sarah (b. 1756, m. Aquila Norris), Thomas (b. 1756, m. Sarah Ann Billingsley), Alexander (b. 1759, m. Rebecca Moore) and Mary (b. 1759, poss. m. John Stocksdale). [Note: There were three sets of twins in this Norris family]. Benjamin's (the Signer) grandparents were Benjamin Norris and Sarah Whitacre and William Bradford and Elizabeth Lightbody.

Aquila Paca [b. 21 Jun 1738, Baltimore Co., MD - d. 26 Feb 1788 in Harford Co., MD] Aquila's (the Signer) parents were John Paca (c1712-1785, son of Aquila Paca and Martha Phillips) and Elizabeth Smith (daughter of William Smith and Elizabeth Martin). Aquila married 1st to Elizabeth Franklin (daughter of Thomas Franklin and Ruth Hammond Ingram) on 8 Dec 1763 and he married 2nd to Hellen Tootell (daughter of Dr. Richard Tootell and Elizabeth Frazier [of Annapolis]). Aquila Paca's children were John, William, Elizabeth (m. Samuel H. Baker), Priscilla (m. Richard B. Dallam), Ann (m. A. Guest), and Frances (m. John Josias Middlemore Dallam, son of Richard Dallam [1743-1820]). Aquila Paca's siblings were William (1740-1799, Governor of Maryland 1782-1785), Mary, Elizabeth, Martha (m. James Phillips), Susannah, and Frances (m. Richard Dallam, 1743-1820).

John Patrick [b. 1742, Lancaster Co., PA - d. bef. 10 Oct 1805, Baltimore Co. MD] John's (the signer) parents were Hugh Patrick (b. 1708, Edinburgh, Scotland - d. 1778, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania) currently his mother's name is unknown. His parental grandparents were Hugh Patrick and Mary Campbell of Edinburgh, Scotland. John (the Signer) married Elizabeth Cummings (d. 1786) on 11 March 1765 in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. His Children were John, Mary (b. 12 Jul 1775, m. Basil Brook), Elizabeth (b. 12 Jul 1775, twin of Mary, m. Joshua Harvey), Martha (b. 1780, m. William Thomas) and Samuel Cummings (m. Mary Kipp), Hugh (m. Nancy Gill), Ann (m. Joshua Wilkinson).

George Patterson [b.1748 - d. 1808, Harford Co., MD. Buried at St. George's Parish Cem., Perryman, Harford Co., MD] George's (the Signer) parents were Robert Patterson and Jane Little (aka Lytle).His siblings were Sarah (b>1739), Cynthia (b.1741), and John (b.1745). His grandparents were George Little (aka Lytle) and wife unknown.

Edward Prall [b.1734, NJ - d.1803, Harford Co., MD] (unmarried). Edward's (the Signer) parents were Aaron Prall and Mary Whittaker. His siblings were James, Cornelius, Elizabeth, Benjamin and Jemima. His grandparents were Peter Prall and Maria Christopher.

Alexander Rigdon [b.1743 - d. 1820, Harford Co, MD] Alexander's (the Signer) parents were Thomas Baker Rigdon and Ann Lacy. His siblings were Stephen, Benjamin, Margaret, Elizabeth, Ann, Thomas and William. His grandparents were George Rigdon and Elizabeth Baker.

Daniel Scott [b.1747 - d. 1828, Harford Co., MD] Daniel's (the Signer) parents were Aquila Scott (siblings Daniel Scott [m. Hannah Butterworth], James Scott [m. Ann Wheeler], Hannah Scott [m. Edward Norris], Martha Scott [m. Daniel McComas], Elizabeth Scott [m. Thomas Bond, Jr.] and Mary Scott [m. Mordecai Amos]) and Elizabeth Potee. Daniel's (the Signer) siblings were Elizabeth Scott (m. William Smithson), Aquila Scott (m. Mary Preston), Martha Scott (m. Lemuel Howard), Rebecca Scott, James Scott, and Sarah Scott. His grandparents were Daniel Scott, Jr. and Elizabeth (Whitaker) Love (widow of Robert Love and daughter of John Whitaker). Daniel (the Signer) married Margaret Short and their only son Otho (b. 1797 d. 1864). married Louisa M. Boarman (b. 1797 d. 1840) in 1823. Their son Daniel (b. 1825 d. 1900) married Cornelia Norris (b. 1846 d. 1893).

William Smith [b. c1720, Baltimore Co, MD - d. 1777, Harford Co, MD] William's (the Signer) parents were William Smith (d. 1731) and Elizabeth Martin, widow of Richard Dallam. His brother was Winston (m. Priscilla Paca and Susanna Stokes). William married Elizabeth--- on 23 Dec 1743. Their children were Elizabeth (m. a Henderson), Cassandra (b. 1747 d. 1754), Sarah (b. 1749 d. 1796, m. Josias William Dallam), Winston (b. 1750), William (b. 1752), Nathan (b. 1753), Thomas, John, Martha, and Harriet.

William Smithson [b.1745 - d. 17 Jan 1809,"The Homestead",Bel Air, Harford Co, MD William's (the Signer) parents were Thomas Smithson (b. 30 Jan 1712 d. bef. 3 Oct 1795) and Mary Grafton (b. 1723 d. 6 Jun 1812). His siblings were Ann (m. Samuel Durham Jr.), Elizabeth (m. John Durham), Thomas (m. Sarah Bond), Daniel (m. 1st ?; 2nd Susannah Taylor), Nathaniel (m. Mary Bull), Margaret (m. James Barton), Cassandra (m. John Green) and Archibald. William's (the Signer) grandparents were, paternal, Thomas Smithson (b. c1675 d. Mar 1732) and Ann Scott, and, maternal, William Grafton and Margaret (---). His paternal aunts and uncles were Eleanor (m. Samuel Durham), Rachel (m. Henry Donahue), Rebecca (m. Samuel Wilson), Elizabeth (m. Robert Steele Clark), Daniel and Avarilla (mother of David Smithson, her illegitimate son). His maternal aunts and uncles were Christian (m. Morris/Maurice Baker), Ann (m. Daniel Preston) and William. William married Elizabeth Scott (1749-1818) on 11 Nov 1766, but they had no surviving children. Her parents were Aquila Scott and Elizabeth Poteet (Potee, Puttee)

John Taylor [b. 24 Sept 1736, Baltimore Co, MD - d. after 1775] John's (the Signer) parents were John Taylor and Keziah Simmons. His siblings were Charles (b. 1730, m. Elizabeth Standiford in 1750), Hannah (b. 1733), Thomas (1739-1762), and Elizabeth. John married Elizabeth Norris on 18 Oct 1757. Their children were John Taylor, Jr (1759-1783) and Susanna (m. Daniel Smithson in 1785).

Edward Ward [b. 1709 - d. 1791, Harford Co, MD] Edward (the Signer) married Cassandra Wells (b. 1726, daughter of Richard and Elizabeth Wells). Their children were Edward, Jr., Richard (b.1755, d. after 1802, m. Jane Smith in 1779), Avis (b. 1762, m. Richard Kenly in 1781), Mary (m. a Disney), Elizabeth and Margaret or Peggy (b. 1767, m. Robert Crawford in 1784).

William Webb [b.1732 - d. 1778, Harford Co., MD] William's (the Signer) parents were Samuel Webb and Elizabeth Jane Weire. His siblings were Constance, George, Elizabeth (m.possibly John Hall of Joshua), Jane (b. c1741 d. ?), Faithful (b. 1743 d. ?, m. Jacob Forwood), Samuel (m. Margaret Tudor in 1764), Margaret (b. 1752 d. ?, m. --- Brierly) and Sarah(b. 1755 d. ?, m. ---Carroll). His grandparents were George Weir and Elizabeth Thomas. William (the Signer) married Elizabeth Lee on 12 Jul 1758. Their children were William, Margaret Lee (b. 1761 d. ?, m. Richard Downing, 1781) and Constance Priscilla (m. Samuel Downing, 1785); Rachel (m. Philip Albert).

Abraham Whitaker [b.1737 - d. 1784, Harford Co, MD] Abraham's (the Signer) parents were Charles Whitaker and Mary Kemball (widow of William Kemball or Kimball, and probable daughter of Humphrey Jones). Abraham married Elizabeth Wheeler on 31 Dec 1771.  Their children were: Susanna (b. 1773); Abraham (b. 1776 - d. 1804); Thomas (b. 1778, m. Charlotte Durham, 1800); George (b. 1780 - d. abt. 1804); Josias (b. 1782 - d. 1802).  His siblings were Lurany, John (m. Mary McComas), Charles, James (m. Mary Saunders), Mary (m. David Butler), Catherine and Isaac (m. Elizabeth Hill). His grandparents were John Whitaker/Whitacre and Catherine ?